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Mercury trine Venus

At Your Charming Best

Kelli Fox

When you two get together this week, the conversation flows. At the moment, diplomacy is your forte as a couple; use it at home if there's an issue that needs to be discussed, or use it out and about, because now's a great time to get together with friends. As a duo, you're extra charming, and parties and get-togethers will be really fun for everyone involved!

As a team, you can charm and entertain all your friends. In fact, group games that involve teamwork and creativity, like charades, would be perfect for you now. Together, you'll have everyone in stitches. This is also a great time to spend a little money and time on making your home more beautiful and comfortable, especially if you live together. Going shopping will be fun for you both now, even if you're drawn to different items in the store; but odds are good that you'll be more of a like mind than usual. Joint ventures like renting or buying a home are also favored now, as are creative team efforts, such as writing a book together, painting a room in your house a new color, or cooking up a big spread and having some friends over. And don't forget to tell each other you love each other!

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