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Mercury trine Sun

Open Minds and Hearts

Kelli Fox

Communication is highlighted for you two now, both with each other and with people outside the relationship regarding matters that are important to the two of you. It's a great time to sign contracts together, because you'll put your eyes and your minds together and make sure that your best interests are being represented fairly and accurately. But it's also a good time just to spend some time together enjoying each other's company and stimulating each other on a mental level.

Go see a movie together, and talk about it afterward; go on a date to a poetry or book reading, and enjoy yourselves as ideas come to you. And, perhaps most importantly of all, make sure that you put your feelings for each other into words. Sometimes we forget to tell each other how much we care about each other; sometimes we're just plain too upset with each other to do it. But in weeks like this one, when your hearts are as open and communicative as your minds, you should put in a special effort to verbalize your affection for each other. Talk about plans for your shared future, and set things in motion. Your combined thinking is clear at the moment, and whatever you plan now will be solid.

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