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Mercury trine Pluto

Get It All Out

Kelli Fox

This week is the perfect time to get it all out there -- to be perfectly honest with each other about your feelings, needs, desires and fears, and talk it all out. It's a great time, in fact, to talk about sex! So if there's been something bothering either of you about your sexual connection, or something you'd like to try out but you've been afraid to speak up about it, now is the time.

You'll get into intense discussions about a variety of subjects during this ten-day period, and you very well might come through this period with a brand-new perspective on this person you thought you knew so well already. Isn't it wonderful to be surprised by someone you're intimate with? It keeps the relationship interesting, and you can both go through a process of self-discovery as well, learning much about yourselves in the process of uncovering each other's hidden thoughts and feelings. This is also a good time to make plans together for the future, especially as regarding your finances. You're both very persuasive at the moment, and you can bring each other around to seeing things your way if you put a little effort into presenting your ideas in a compelling manner.

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