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Mercury trine Mercury

Renewed Interest

Kelli Fox

This week, you two are getting back in touch with that sweet meeting of the minds that attracted you to each other in the first place. You may have a lot of busy-work to attend to as a team, such as paying bills or negotiating contracts on something big that you're purchasing together; but if you have any free time together at all, you should definitely spend it exercising your minds together. Go see a play or a lecture, or take a trip someplace new together.

You're both in the mood to expand your minds and to talk about everything that occurs to you about what you see, hear and feel. If any issues have been coming between you lately, now would be a great time to talk them out, because you're both more logical than emotional at the moment, and you can really express yourselves without the usual defensive filters in place. Again, though, this ten-day period should be about fun -- about interesting conversations and interactions. You're tapping into the excitement of your relationship, and this could happen in big ways or small ones -- like playing a game of Scrabble together and laughing over the words you both come up with!

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