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Mercury trine Jupiter

A Boost in Confidence

Kelli Fox

You both feel a boost in confidence this week regarding your romantic bond. You feel lighthearted when you're together; things seem funnier than usual, and you're both ready to crack a smile at the least provocation. This increased confidence is a real gift to your relationship, since sometimes you may not feel certain about where you're headed together (or why).

But for now, during this ten-day period, you can both see the horizon clearly, and what you see fills you with hope and happiness. This would be a great time to do something interesting, even mind-expanding, together -- take a couples' cooking class, go on a weekend trip to someplace you've never been before, or attend a lecture or book reading. You're both in the mood to express everything you're thinking, feeling and perceiving. You're also in the mood for some fun social activity with friends, so throw a dinner party together and cook up the recipes you learned in that couples' cooking class, or accept an invitation from friends and head out on the town. Any joint purchases or legal decisions should go smoothly now, but try not to pump each other up so much that you become overconfident.

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