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Mercury square Venus

Listen Up

Kelli Fox

Miscommunications this week could leave both of you feeling a little frustrated or embarrassed. You might make a date and then find that you both had different ideas in your minds of what, when and where; or one of you could be feeling amorous and chatty while the other just isn't in the mood for much interaction. If things do get tense, try not to let them devolve into criticism and arguments.

It's not your sweetie's fault, any more than it's yours; this is just one of those weeks when snafus will happen with annoying regularity, and you'll both just have to roll with the punches. You may end up having to discuss things that neither one of you wants to talk about, such as problems in the relationship. Be especially careful in your communications if you're working together on something that's supposed to beautify things around your home. Again, you could find that you each have very different ideas of what's supposed to happen and when, and if you're not careful, things could turn from pleasant to unpleasant fast! Be clear about your own expectations, and listen carefully when your sweetie is voicing their own. Snafus can be avoided if you both just listen up.

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