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Mercury square Uranus

Driving Each Other Crazy

Kelli Fox

This is not the week to spend a lot of one-on-one time together at home, because you'll both feel restless together, which can easily turn into irritability. Get out of the house or spend time with other friends until next week, when this energy will pass. Because this week, you both run the risk of saying things you don't really mean and causing arguments.

Yes, it's that old foot-in-mouth disease flaring up again. You'll annoy each other much more easily now than usual, especially if you haven't gotten enough exercise or mental stimulation. Needing a mental or physical workout can push you to seek stimulation wherever you can get it, even if it's negative stimulation, such as petty debates and disagreements. Also, be careful if you two are in any kind of legal or monetary negotiations together with a third party. In situations where you're supposed to keep certain things under your hat, so to speak, one or both of you will end up saying things you don't mean to reveal, which could lose you the advantage in the situation. Finally, expect the unexpected now. Even the most well-planned activities won't run according to schedule, and you'll both just have to roll with it.

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