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Mercury square Sun

Be Patient

Kelli Fox

This week you're both talking, but neither one of you is hearing what the other is trying to say. Arguments are likely because you're both misunderstanding each other's intentions; when you're together, you'll both get offended more quickly and easily than when you're apart. Good thing this period lasts only a week or so!

And if you both can exercise a little patience, you could skate right through this potentially troublesome influence with little or no trouble at all. But it's likely that you will have to work at least a little harder than usual at making yourself heard, and also at listening carefully to what your honey is trying to say. The impulse will be strong now -- for both of you -- not to let the other person finish their sentence, because you'll want to answer whatever they've just said as soon as possible. But a little patience and self-control will go a long way here! If you're feeling critical of each other, try to keep it under your hat; the irritation of this period will pass through when the energy abates. If a truly important issue comes up, on the other hand, now would be a good time to speak honestly, even if what you have to say isn't what your sweetheart wants to hear.

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