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Mercury square Pluto

Strange Suspicions

Kelli Fox

You two could find yourselves walking on eggshells around each other before this ten-day period is over. Even if you're both feeling calm and centered when you're apart, as soon as you get around each other, strange little suspicions will start to pop into your minds. You'll treat each other with either subtle or overt distrust, which will lead to tense interactions, to say the least.

After all, relationships are supposed to be based on a feeling of trust; ideally, you're both supposed to be able to relax around each other and 'let it all hang out,' so to speak. But at the moment, things aren't feeling so loose and carefree. You might take things your sweetie says the wrong way, or vice versa; you'll both treat each other with sarcasm, which will only get your backs up. Needless to say, arguments could result, and if they do occur, they'll probably be intense. You'll both want to go deep and figure out exactly what's going on under the surface of your relationship, and neither one of you will be satisfied with the answer that, well, what you see might really be what you get. Try to remember that trying to control each other is a waste of time. Things should calm down in a week or so.

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