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Mercury square Neptune

Muddled Plans

Kelli Fox

Clear communication will be difficult for you two this week. Plans you made together will suddenly be up in the air, and you'll have trouble following paths that you've set for yourselves, even familiar ones. If you're working together on any kind of project, you could find that you didn't have all the information when you initially set things in motion.

Part of the problem this week will be that even putting your heads together won't help much in straightening things out. Your mutual impressions will be off, and your intuitions won't be accurate. If you do operate based on impressions, don't be surprised if you take a wrong turn, literally or figuratively. Perhaps the key to this blessedly short period will be simply not to expect anything less than confusion. Anything you plan together will be disorganized, and in some situations, that's fine -- it could even make things more fun, such as if you're taking a weekend trip together and you've got time on your hands. But if it's something important that you're planning together, such as a dinner party with your bosses or other VIPs in attendance, get the help of a third party to make sure things run smoothly.

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