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Mercury square Mercury

Playing 'Telephone'

Kelli Fox

During this ten-day transit, you could easily work each other's last nerve. No matter how calm and reasonable you may feel when you're apart, miscommunications when you're together will lead to tension. Arguments are likely, but it's just for now; this energy will pass through in a week or so.

But if you don't remind yourselves of that fact, you'll be way too hard on each other and you'll make a difficult situation even worse. Even at best, you'll both have to work hard to get your points across. Try active communication: Make eye contact, listen as best you can, wait for your sweetie to stop speaking before you start, and -- here's the important part -- before you assert your own opinion, repeat back what you just heard, just to make sure you're not wildly off-base in your response. If you can both stay patient, you might even get a laugh out of all the myriad ways you'll mishear each other -- like your very own, private game of 'Telephone'! Make sure, also, that you read the fine print on any business, legal or monetary matters that come up this week. Even when you put your heads together, you could miss important details if you're not careful.

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