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Mercury square Mars

Petty Arguments

Kelli Fox

Arguments could be difficult to avoid this week. Touchy subjects will have a way of just coming up when you least expect them, and even if you two are feeling calm and centered when you're apart, there's something about the energy that you'll create when you get together that will lead to tensions and disagreements. You'll both have the tendency to exaggerate about things, which will only add to the problem; overstating your case only undermines its validity in the end, after all.

But you've both got a case this week, and neither one of you is backing down from the way you see things or the way that you think that they ought to be. Take care when you're going places together, such as on a day trip or even just a simple trip to the grocery store. Even such innocuous mistakes as taking a wrong turn will cause arguments; you may each be better off doing the grocery shopping and other errands on your own! The more time you spend together this week, the more annoyed you're likely to become with each other. You may want to do things on your own until this troublesome energy passes, or you'll just get into petty arguments that you'll both regret later.

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