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Mercury square Jupiter

A Bit Much to Handle

Kelli Fox

The two of you might want to stay away from group functions and social outings this week, because as a team, you might be a bit much to handle! Something about the energy that's created when the two of you get together now is swelling up both your heads like balloons; without even realizing it or meaning to, you could both come across as being very boastful. Perhaps you've made some plans recently that you're both excited about, and you'll both go gushing to your friends about everything you've got in the works -- without realizing that you're stepping on their toes in some way.

Group conversations with friends or colleagues could have a similar effect if the two of you take a stance on a subject and act like you know all there is to know about it, even if you're far from experts in that area. Part of the problem is that you probably don't have all the information, and you could really be sticking your mutual foot in your mouth, so to speak. Even when you put your heads together, it'll be difficult at the moment for you to pay close attention to detail. If you have to conduct any business together, go over it with a fine-tooth comb before signing anything.

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