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Mercury sextile Saturn

Focus on Functionality

Kelli Fox

If you two have any business to take care of as a team -- contract negotiations, perhaps, or getting your finances in order, or even just cleaning the house top to bottom -- now is the time. When you're together this week you'll be in a serious frame of mind. You'll push each other to apply yourselves to the task at hand, and you'll achieve solid results by doing so.

This probably won't be a week of frivolous fun or empty social interactions with friends, but you'll both be fine with that. You're in the mood to take care of business with clear heads and a lot of determination; you're definitely not in the mood to get out and chitchat with other couples or giggle together as you cuddle up on the couch. There's too much to be done to waste time with such frivolousness! This is a great time to organize your home, if you live together, or balance your budget. The focus now should be on greater efficiency and functionality, so anything in your relationship that's disorganized or lacking in these qualities, you can tackle it together now and really make headway on bringing it up to speed.

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