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Mercury sextile Pluto

Keen and Probing

Kelli Fox

A good date for you two this week might be to rent a bunch of Hitchcock films and have a private screening party, with just the two of you in attendance -- because your minds are sharp now and you're both in the mood for a little mental sleuthing. You both want to know what's going on under the surface of things, including your relationship and each other, so you may also have some interesting discussions this week, ones that dig deeply into who you both are as people and what makes your relationship tick in the way that it does. Neither one of you is satisfied now with easy, glib answers, so your conversations will be long, multifaceted and far-reaching -- but in a fun way.

Neither one of you is out to make the other feel defensive; instead, you're both feeling rather open and vulnerable in a good way. Furthermore, you're quite observant as a couple now. Getting together with friends could be extra interesting, because you'll both want to go home afterwards and discuss everything you saw, heard and sensed. Yep, even your close friends are fodder now for your keen and probing minds!

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