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Mercury sextile Neptune

Cuddling Up and Tuning In

Kelli Fox

Your connection feels a lot more intuitive this week than usual. You're tuning in with each other in a way that goes beyond simple conversation or other aboveboard signals. You're both feeling rather sentimental about your bond, and you want to show each other how much you value the relationship by tuning in and supporting each other on an emotional level.

This could be a bit of a low-energy week, so don't be surprised if you're both more into dates that involve cuddling, talking and communing in sweet silence over dates that are about extreme energy output. You're a lot more likely to take a candlelit bubble bath together than to go out to the batting cages and hit the balls around! Your collective creativity is running strong now, so you may want to watch a lot of movies together this week or even create something artistic together -- a story or poem or painting that comes about through team effort. You're both feeling somewhat idealistic about your bond now, too, which is just fine -- if nothing else, it can counterbalance those times when you feel a little bit distanced from each other or even pessimistic about your future.

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