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Mercury sextile Mars

Put Your Heads Together

Kelli Fox

This should be a fun week for the two of you. Whatever may have been going on between you lately, all of a sudden you both feel excited, energetic, turned on and tuned in. Your conversations are fast-paced and lively; you're making each other laugh and listen up instead of tuning out, as you may sometimes do.

This is a great week to launch a new plan or project, because when you're together, you're not just about talk; you're about action. You don't want to just fantasize about taking a vacation together; you actually want to get online, buy the plane tickets and reserve the hotel room, making the fantasy a reality. You don't want to sit around sighing, 'Wouldn't it be great if...' Instead, you want to make it happen. This proactive energy can be put toward just about anything -- getting the house cleaned up, making that dream vacation a reality, even launching an entrepreneurial project together. As a duo, you're as impressive now as you are to each other as individuals, so it's a great time to get out there and chat people up, asking for the favors that you need. You can really make things happen now if you just put your minds to it.

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