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Mercury sextile Jupiter

Think Big, Plan Bigger

Kelli Fox

You should have a really good time together this week. Things just seem funnier, sweeter, and the possibilities for your relationship seem limitless. You're both feeling optimistic, so give this feeling a boost by taking a short trip somewhere.

Whether it's a mental trip via a foreign film or a long discussion, or a physical trip via a drive to a museum or even another town, you'll both have a great time. You're in the mood for mental stimulation on a grand scale. You want to talk about deeper subjects than simple, day-to-day concerns; you want to move past 'How was your day, honey?' to 'What do you think about this culture, philosophy, way of life...?' This is also a good week for getting plans in writing. Negotiating contracts together is easier now than usual; when you put your heads together, you can catch any inconsistencies in the terms. As a team, you can convince anyone of pretty much anything you put your minds to, so whatever plans you've got in the works, this is the perfect time to get other people (such as your parents, your friends, your loan officer at the bank...) on your side. Think big, and plan even bigger. The stars are behind you.

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