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Mercury opposite Venus

Two Conversations

Kelli Fox

This week, it could feel as if you're having two conversations -- the one on the surface, which is coming out in words; and the one in your hearts, which may be telling you something very different from what you're saying or hearing from your sweetie. You'll probably experience at least a few miscommunications with each other through the course of this short period, because you're both just a little muddled on what's right and what's not. You may argue over something having to do with right and wrong, in fact -- one of you saying something should be done one way, the other insisting it should be done differently, but neither of you really believing in the position you're espousing so firmly.

Why not just cool down instead? Take a walk together, and enjoy nature. You might have to agree to disagree on certain subjects at the moment, and that's okay; you can figure out later who was right and who was wrong, if that's even still important. At the moment, neither one of you is communicating clearly with each other; you're projecting things onto each other and you aren't listening carefully. So try to just have fun now, and avoid serious discussions or standoffs.

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