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Mercury opposite Uranus

Fly by the Seat of Your Pants

Kelli Fox

Don't even try to make plans together this week, because they'll be out the window almost as fast as you set them. The two of you will be much better off if you can just be comfortable flying by the seat of your pants for the time being, because setting plans that are then broken or otherwise disturbed might really tick you off, causing arguments that could have been avoided. All the chaos and unpredictable energy, on the other hand, could also cause disagreements and hurt feelings, and if you do get into an argument, it probably won't be a very productive one.

Neither of you is being as tactful as usual; you're both liable now to say things that you don't really mean, and that you'll later regret. But if you can try to expect only the unexpected now, you might ending up having a really good time together. This would be a good time to try something new on a date together -- something daring and exciting would be just the ticket. You also may have some really interesting, fantastical and far-reaching conversations together, in which you both feel as if the universe has just opened up for you in an exciting way.

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