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Mercury opposite Sun

Foot-in-Mouth Disease

Kelli Fox

You two may have to exercise some serious patience this week, because you're not communicating as well as usual. It may start to seem like everything out of your mouth rubs your sweetie the wrong way -- or vice versa. Neither one of you is expressing yourself well; your ideas come out wrong and you'll both suffer from foot-in-mouth disease whenever you get together.

Do try to get your feelings and ideas out, though; it wouldn't be good to toss up your hands in defeat and clam up. That would only lead to even bigger misunderstandings than the ones already before you. Instead, practice active communication: Make eye contact, speak calmly and most of all, stop speaking when your honey talks! It sounds elementary, but even those basic rules of communication can fly right out the window when you're feeling like you're not being heard. Furthermore, take a little time to organize your thoughts before you talk, especially about important subjects. And if there's important business to tend to now that affects the relationship, such as rental agreements or other plans for your shared future, you may be best putting it off for a week or so, till you're thinking more clearly.

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