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Mercury opposite Saturn

Difficulty in Expressing Yourself

Kelli Fox

You'll both find it hard to express yourselves when you get together this week. You might think that you're trying your hardest to speak your mind and you're just not being heard, but it's actually likely that you're coming across as rather uncommunicative -- and that goes for both of you. This sense of frustration could translate into a kind of pessimism that will make you both start tossing little barbs each other's way.

You'll be more critical of each other than usual, because deep down, you're both feeling kind of mad -- mad that things aren't going how you want them to, that you're not being heard and understood and supported in the way that you want to be. And so, you're lashing out, albeit in small ways that will likely evaporate as soon as this energy passes in a week or so. But for the moment, passive-aggressive behavior will be rife on both sides; you'll both communicate your displeasure more through stony silences and disapproving glares than through any actual conversation, which is a big part of the problem -- if you could just talk things out, this period would go much more smoothly. So try to be open instead of passively negative.

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