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Mercury opposite Pluto

Overly Insistent

Kelli Fox

Your conversations will be quite intense this week -- but whether that's in a powerful, transformative way or just in an argumentative way remains to be seen. You're both a bit obsessed at the moment with your own perspectives; you think your way is the only way possible, and you'll argue your points down into the dust, if only to stand your ground and refuse to give in to the opposition -- er, to your sweetie. Remember?

This is the person you adore, not the person you're in battle with! But you're both feeling a little bit insistent, and maybe even a little suspicious. You both want to dig deep; in an argument, you'll have a hard time letting things go, and you'll want to push down to the root of whatever's bothering you or your honey. That's a good impulse, but the problem at the moment is that you could wear each other and yourselves out. Try to remember that both of you are perceiving things through your own, unique veil of emotions. Whatever you believe or suspect, it's still through that filter, and may not be completely accurate. Why not turn your communicative intensity toward something more fun, like reading a mystery or solving a puzzle together?

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