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Mercury opposite Neptune

A Feeling of Confusion

Kelli Fox

When you two get together this week, you'll both feel confused, as if just by being around each other, your concentration is disturbed. Your conversations will take a meandering route at best; you might find yourselves forgetting what you're trying to say in the middle of a sentence, or losing the train of the discussion right when your sweetie is trying to make their big point. This would be all right if you could just roll with it, but the tendency for both of you will be to feel at least a little nervous as a result.

After all, it's no fun to feel as if something is just out of your grasp, and you can't reach it no matter how hard you try. You also might both feel as if your sweetie is thinking or feeling something about you that they're not voicing, which could make you feel very insecure. Instead of falling into that trap, make a firm decision with yourselves that you're simply going to take things at face value this week. Don't try to look for deeper significance or further explanation; just be satisfied with whatever information comes your way. Things will come to light later, anyway, and you'll just drive yourselves crazy if you try to understand something that simply eludes you.

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