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Mercury opposite Mercury

Opposing Ideas

Kelli Fox

This period could mark some repeated miscommunications between you, but they don't have to be a big deal -- unless the two of you turn them into one. You've both got your own ideas now, and you're both set on getting those ideas out there. You may feel as if your sweetie isn't understanding what you're saying, and you'll probably push a little harder than usual to make sure that you've been heard and understood exactly as you want to be.

Problem is, so will your honey. If you're both being rather vehement about your opinions, arguments could result, unless you can both remember to stay calm and keep a sense of humor about things. Instead of being so married to your own opinion, why not listen up to your sweetie? You could learn a thing or two; after all, these arguments probably aren't over anything of life-and-death significance. Also, during this period you may find that taking short cuts actually makes the trip take longer in the long run. Go ahead and take the tried-and-true route when you're going out together to your favorite restaurant. Don't let your mutual sense of impatience back you into a corner!

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