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Mercury opposite Mars

Irritable Energy

Kelli Fox

The two of you will lack a sense of perspective in your communication this week, and you won't know how to choose your battles. Little things will seem big; big things will seem gigantic! When you get together during this period you'll both be poised for an argument, almost as if you're looking for a fight.

You're both excitable and irritable when you're around each other now, so you both need to take care not to set each other off. In fact, it may be best just not to spend much time together until this energy passes. If you live together, that could be difficult; things will feel tense, and you'll both have the impulse to react first and think later -- making you say things you'll almost certainly regret. You very likely to misinterpret anything your sweetie says. Maybe this week is a good time to watch a movie instead of going out to dinner, because there's less chance of conversation during a movie! Find ways to be together that aren't combative. Also, be careful in general, especially when you're angry. With all the excitable energy in the air, neither one of you is being as careful as usual, and that's how accidents happen.

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