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Mercury conjunct Venus

Express Your Love

Kelli Fox

Take this ten-day period to really let each other know how you feel about each other. You're both feeling amorous, and you both want to express it in words. Write your sweetie a love poem; leave a sweet message on their voice mail; whisper sweet somethings in their ear.

You could even compose a song about the love you share! However you do it, just make sure you get it out there, because sometimes we forget to make our feelings clear, when the chaotic rush of life takes over. Now, this period will probably be a fast-paced one, too, but it will be fast-paced in terms of frequent conversations, phone calls, emails and IMs. This is a great time to have a heart-to-heart about anything that's been bugging either of you about the relationship. You're both a little more tactful now than usual, because getting along with each other is at the forefront of your minds. You're both able to put things in a softer and more eloquent way now, so put this new (and temporary!) skill to use to air out any grievances or issues that either of you has. And have fun! This is a great time to spend time together, or to go out with friends.

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