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Mercury conjunct Uranus

Forward Thinking

Kelli Fox

When you put your minds together this week, you'll come up with some crazy stuff -- some of it downright brilliant. Any task or project that you're working on together can make real headway during this ten-day period, because you're bringing out the genius in each other. When you work together, your ideas are sparkling, and more than a little bit ahead of your time!

This period is all about tossing around ideas rather than trying to hammer anything down or come to any definite conclusions. You can really get outside your normal ways of thinking together; you can be very innovative in how you approach any problem as a team. You'll also see the humor in any and all situations that you get into together, so this should be a fun period, one that renews your senses of interest in the relationship and in the possibilities that your shared future holds. This would be a great time to take some sort of class together, preferably in an area such as computer technology or Web design -- anything that encourages thinking outside the box. And if you have a chance to work as a team on a project like this, then so much the better! You'll leave all the other teams in the dust.

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