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Mercury conjunct Sun

In the Mood to Chat

Kelli Fox

You're both in the mood to chat now. Suddenly, communication is big between you; whenever you get together during this ten-day transit, the ideas and discussions will flow. And when you're not together, you'll be calling each other on the phone, sending emails and IMs and generally keeping in touch.

Arguments are possible, but debates are more likely, as anger shouldn't really become a part of things. Right now, you're both more concerned with getting your opinions across with clarity and finesse than you are about hammering them home by yelling or being insistent. Dates should focus on conversation; go to dinner together so you can talk, or if you do see a movie, go out afterward for coffee and a chat about what you both saw. Day trips are also a great idea now; getting away from your usual environment for a few hours will really spark you two up. In fact, the more spontaneous your activities are, the better. Don't try to schedule things down to a T; instead, just plan to get together and then leave the rest of it open. You won't have any trouble figuring out what to do; you'll both have plenty ideas for what you're in the mood to go see, experience and talk about!

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