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Mercury conjunct Pluto

Mutually Intense Focus

Kelli Fox

Has either of you been keeping secrets of any kind? Because it's likely that they'll come out now. No, not big, deep, terrible secrets; more the kind of secrets that will surprise and even delight you when you uncover them about your sweetie, whom you thought you knew so well.

You'll have deep and intense conversations with each other this week and discover things about each other that you've never even guessed at before. What fun! Isn't it exciting to discover new and interesting things about your intimate partner? You can also turn this depth of perception outward toward any projects or other matters that are calling for your mutual attention. Together you're focused on becoming healthier, stronger and more truly yourselves, so this would be a great time to discuss joining the gym or even going to counseling together. You can also turn your attention now to wrapping up old, unfinished business. Are there any overdue bills that need to be paid, or business matters that you've left dangling while other parts of your lives have taken precedence? Tackle it all now, this week, when you've got the combined energy and focus needed to really get things done.

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