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Mercury conjunct Neptune

Ambiguous Communication

Kelli Fox

Explaining yourselves could be an impossibility during this week-long period. Suddenly, your communication hits a nebulous patch. What are you talking about?

What is your sweetie saying? Who knows? If you can both be comfortable with a certain amount of ambiguity in the conversations you'll get into and the ideas you'll try to translate to each other, then this could actually be a really fun period. You could enjoy abstract films or art together, for example, because right now your minds are able to handle things that aren't concrete. But if either of you is the type to get nervous when faced with ambiguity, then this may not be a very fun period at all. This could especially become a problem if there's a task ahead of you that requires logic or clear, detailed thinking, such as any kind of contract that needs signing or any technical decisions that you need to make as a team. Endeavors that relate to business, contracts or other negotiations are probably best put off for a week or two, until your minds clear and things aren't hazy any longer. For now, just enjoy your odd conversations, interesting dreams and unusual trains of thought.

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