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Mercury conjunct Mercury

Mental Stimulation

Kelli Fox

Don't expect to get a lot of rest when you're together this week, because you two are about to get back in touch with everything that drew you together in the first place: a feeling of excitement when you're together, a sense of intellectual stimulation and the fun that comes with lots of chatting and tossing ideas around. If there's something regarding your relationship that you've been needing to discuss but haven't found a good moment for it, now would be a great time. You're communicating with each other better than usual because you're both listening up, tuning in and speaking clearly.

But this period needn't be all about serious matters or tackling previously unaired relationship issues; it should also be about having a great time together. Get out of the house together; in fact, a spontaneous little day trip or weekend away would be perfect. Don't forget to bring along a journal, or something to use when great ideas come to you and you just have to write them down! The current energy is the kind that could lead to some great, spontaneous brainstorming sessions where you both spark ideas off each other and come up with something amazing.

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