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Mercury conjunct Mars

Stay Calm!

Kelli Fox

When you get together during this ten-day period, you'll probably have a lot to discuss -- and not all of it will be fun, light conversation. The current energy increases the chance that you'll irritate and annoy each other, no matter how calm you feel when you're apart! For whatever reason, when you get together this week, you'll just set each other off without meaning to.

Arguments are a possibility now, as are debates, because you're both feeling strong about your own opinions and you'll both be very vocal about standing up for yourselves. A good thing to ask yourselves, though, may be -- what, exactly, are you standing up against? This isn't a competition, after all! It's a relationship, and there's room enough for the both of you, including all your differences of opinion and viewpoints. As long as you can remember that you're supposed to be a team that works together, not two adversaries who are opposed to each other, this could actually be a fun period. Furthermore, your mutual assertiveness could mean that you make real headway on any project that involves the both of you, such as negotiating business or signing contracts together.

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