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Mercury conjunct Jupiter

Time to Plan

Kelli Fox

If you two have been thinking about doing anything together that's related to business, legal or monetary concerns, such as starting a business together, getting married or buying a house or other property, this ten-day period is a great time to brainstorm and finalize your plans. When you put your heads together, you're able to come up with far more now than you would on your own, and you can help each other to see all the wonderful possibilities that exist on the horizon of your relationship. This is also a great time to plan a vacation together to an exotic locale, because you've both got faraway places on your minds -- anywhere that's different from home.

And you want to experience this broadening of the mind together, not alone. This period is more about talk than it is about action, but that's okay -- it's a great time to plan things that you'll put into effect in the future. The only thing to watch out for is that you might talk each other up so much that you get into areas that are beyond planning, and are just pure fantasy! But even that's okay; you'll come down to earth together soon enough, so why not enjoy the mental trip now?

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