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Mars trine Venus

A Boost in the Bedroom

Kelli Fox

The energy influencing your relationship during this period is likely to bring you a very nice boost in the bedroom department! So this is a great time to connect with each other, have some fun and reaffirm your attraction to each other as well as your commitment to the relationship. But while you can and should have a wonderful time together now, this is also a good time to work as a team on a project -- one outside the bedroom.

You'll inspire a certain artistry in each other that you can use to really make your work beautiful as well as enduring. It's a good time to work together on painting a room in your house a new and vibrant color -- one that you pick out together, of course -- or make a weekend project of refinishing an old piece of furniture or planting a garden that will flourish into beauty in the coming months. Any business that you have to tend to during this period, such as cleaning the house or paying bills, should be made as fun as possible. Turn on the stereo and dance together while you sweep away the dust bunnies, or make cookies together to enjoy while you sit down and get your finances in order.

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