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Mars trine Uranus

Create Some Excitement

Kelli Fox

The energy of this period could affect your relationship in several different and exciting ways -- in fact, the only thing you can really expect at the moment is the unexpected. This should be a fun and active period, first and foremost. Your interest in the relationship is piqued and you're both feeling rather adventurous, making this a great time to step outside the bounds of what you normally do and experience together.

The energy of newness and excitement is coursing through your veins, so don't stick with the status quo. Get out of the house instead of cuddling in front of the TV; do something active, something that challenges not only your bodies but the relationship itself. You might take an impromptu trip together, or play a pickup game of soccer; you might even get a bee in your bonnets to start co-training for a triathlon. Whatever it is, you should have great fun together -- and you'll find that the stimulation of your bodies leads to the stimulation of your minds and hearts. You'll both start to see the relationship from a fresh perspective, which will really be a help if you've been having any trouble or anxieties over the state of things between you.

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