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Mars trine Sun

Put Energy into Something New

Kelli Fox

Together, the two of you can put a lot of energy into something new during this period. It's a great time to join the gym, step up your exercise program or sign up for your local intramural soccer team -- but whatever you do, do it as a team. You can really keep each other motivated now, much more so than if you're trying to get things done on your own.

You have a lot of energy when you're together now; passion is running high between you, and your sex life may enjoy a boost now! You can also make headway on any projects around the house that need attention. You're both feeling strong and assertive, but it's unlikely that this will lead to arguments between you. While there is certainly a bit of a competitive edge between you now, it should be just enough to spark things up and keep them interesting. You're not likely to lose your sense of tact or togetherness -- and that's really what this period is about: reaffirming your relationship as a unit, a well-functioning duo that can tackle anything you put your minds to. That's why working together is so important now; you can increase each other's enthusiasm and energy tenfold.

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