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Mars trine Saturn

Progress as a Couple

Kelli Fox

During this period, the two of you can make solid decisions as a team that will bring satisfaction and success to your relationship. When you get together during these few weeks, a particular energy will be created -- the energy of industry, of hard work and excitement about the future. You're not just making plans together now, you're acting on them.

It's like you're putting money into the bank, only the money is your combined efforts and the bank is your relationship itself. You can work on problems together, or projects around the house. Thus, this period could be more about hard work and progress as a couple than anything so frivolous as romance, but that's fine with both of you. There's a sense that the work you're doing together now is more important than the frills -- as if, in essence, you're getting down to the meat of the relationship and creating something wonderful together. Whatever else you tackle during this period, it would be a good idea to eat well and exercise together as well. Keeping your energy up is key, because if you let it flag, you won't get as much accomplished, and a valuable opportunity will have been wasted.

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