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Mars trine Pluto

Work Together Toward Your Goals

Kelli Fox

This period is a wonderful one for brainstorming about projects and goals that are important to both of you. You can make a lot of progress if you work as a team, so put your heads together and figure out what most needs changing in your relationship. Have you had any problems communicating or getting along lately?

Has anything been worrying you about the way things are now, or where they seem to be headed? Whatever it is, you can tackle it now and change things for the better, in a much more effective way than usual. But being proactive is key; now is not the time to ignore your problems and pretend everything's fine and dandy. Things are fine and dandy -- you're both feeling good, energetic, in touch and in tune with each other, yourselves and the relationship -- but that's precisely why you need to put your combined energies toward positive change, so that you can make progress together toward your sparkling future. If there's anything in either of your own lives that needs changing, you can also get each other's help and input now on making it a team effort instead of a solo one; you'll make much more progress that way.

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