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Mars trine Neptune

Quietly Strengthening

Kelli Fox

If you two have been feeling at all overworked or otherwise distant from each other lately, then take heart, because this period should go far in bringing you closer together again. Whatever may have been going on lately, now you're both in the mood to make a warm, intuitive and sympathetic connection with each other. For each of you, the relationship is suddenly a safe haven -- a sweet spot you can retreat to and find a true friend.

The current energy may spark up your sexual attraction to each other, but if so, it will be in a decidedly sensual, emotional way. This is a wonderful time, in fact, to explore your fantasies together. Sex and fantasy play will take on a more intense power now than usual and you'll both feel overwhelmed by the strength and depth of your physical connection, because now it extends into the emotional realm. It's good to stay physically active together during this period, but keep it slower-paced, with the mind-body connection in mind. Taking a yoga class together would be perfect, or a long walk outside -- or just a nice nap in the sun. You'll both feel healed and refreshed, as if your bond has been quietly strengthened.

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