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Mars trine Mercury

Getting Things Done

Kelli Fox

Together you two can really get things done during these few weeks. Your minds are sparkling now and your conversations complex, and interesting to you both. You can have a lot of fun with this period, staying up all night talking and laughing and bouncing ideas off each other, but you can also get real work done if you choose to.

Brainstorming sessions are fast-paced and effective now, and you can help each other out both with projects that you're tackling together as well as ones you've been working on alone. The ideas you'll come up with together will sparkle much more than anything you can come up with on your own, so take advantage of this energy. This is a great time for proposals -- of either the romantic or the business variety! -- and putting plans into the works. It's also a great time to travel together. If you make it a road trip, you'll laugh and chat the whole way there, and you'll both feel invigorated when you come home. This period is all about turning words and thoughts into action -- talking things out and then making them happen. Your conversations may turn into debates, but they shouldn't stir up any real communication problems.

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