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Mars trine Mars

Getting Physical

Kelli Fox

When you're together now, your energies are running warm and strong, making it a great time to push forward on a new project. Or, just get a little closer and enjoy your connection! Your sexual appetites are given a boost now, and you can get together in a fun and exciting way.

But you can also get down to business and make serious headway on projects, because you've got plenty of passion between you and your sense of togetherness is much stronger than usual. So what's on your plates for the next few weeks? If you have work to do around the house, tackle it together. This is also a great time for team sports with friends; make sure you're on the same team, because you'll want to rely on each other and use that combined zealous spirit to obliterate the competition! This would also be a great time to join the gym or step up your exercise routine so that you can sweat it out side by side. This period is really about teamwork and getting physical, and combining your efforts for the best possible results. Whatever you have on the agenda, you can almost certainly make more headway on it as a unit than you would alone.

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