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Mars trine Jupiter

In a Great Mood

Kelli Fox

If you two don't get out of the house during this period to enjoy each other's company and the world at large, you'll be missing out on an opportunity for fun. Your combined energies are humming; when you get together, you make each other laugh and feel great. You want to treat each other to the good life, making this a good time to go out to dinner or get together with friends.

Your connection is palpable now, visible to everyone around you, even; you both feel optimistic and lighthearted about the relationship, and it shows. Recent worries are no longer getting you down; you feel at ease now, and very much in the mood for celebration. If you do decide to stay in, invite friends over for a dinner party and get your ya-yas out that way! This new infusion of energy is also perfect for getting out of the house for some exercise. You might even want to start a new project or physical challenge together, such as losing weight in tandem or training for a marathon. If you do set weight-loss goals, though, don't expect to make major headway for a couple of weeks at least -- you two are too much in the mood for fun to restrict your diets just now!

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