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Mars square Venus


Kelli Fox

You both feel off-kilter during this period, as if your needs aren't being met and there isn't any effective way to communicate about it and change things for the better. But instead of just staying calm and trying harder to make that connection, you'll both respond by getting more and more aggressive and insistent until you're embroiled in an argument, both pouting and lashing out like angry children. No fun!

Though it may seem counterintuitive, what's going on here at base is that you're both feeling very turned on by your relationship and you're both really wanting to tune in; but the energy at hand is preventing you from making that connection, and you're both acting a little bit, well, immature about it. Overreactions are highly likely now, and it's even more likely that whatever you're feeling upset about exists more in your mind than in reality. It's also likely that you'll encounter mismatched energies again and again, such as one of you feeling randy when the other just wants to curl up and take a nap. Try not to get too upset about this kind of mismatched energy or blow things out of proportion. This period only lasts a few weeks; things will even out after that.

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