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Mars square Uranus

An Impulsive Streak

Kelli Fox

When rebellious thoughts enter your heads during this period -- fantasies of ditching out on the ol' ball-and-chain, maybe, and running off to Fiji -- don't take them too seriously! It's just the current energy at work, whispering seductive fantasies in your ear, making you question whether you're leading the life you've dreamed of. Hey, questioning is great, but uprooting yourself just because you're feeling restless isn't great at all.

If you're both feeling rebellious, well, at least you can run off together; but chances are good that you'll each secretly feel suspicious that the grass is much greener someplace else. You'll both start behaving in ways that reveal your urges for independence: Maybe you start disagreeing with your sweetie purely for the sake of disagreement itself, and then they start showing up late for dates just to keep you on your toes, which ticks you off... Sounds a little immature, doesn't it? On both your parts. So calm down. The energy passing through is meant to test your bond. Show it how strong you two are by resisting its siren call of freedom -- at least until your heads are clearer and you can make more definite, less impulsive choices about your future.

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