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Mars square Saturn

Master of Your Own Destiny

Kelli Fox

When you get together during this period, you might get into arguments, or the tension between you could exist on a more subtle level -- but there will be tension now, one way or another. You're both feeling a bit resentful, as if your relationship has kept you from doing the things that you wanted to do -- travel far and wide, maybe, or date around, or move up that ladder at work. Maybe you wanted to live a footloose, fancy-free lifestyle, and instead you're feeling tied down by commitment and responsibility, the boring, day-to-day minutiae of life in Coupledom.

The truth, of course, is that life is all about choices, and you chose to enter this relationship; whatever limitations you feel have been placed on you as a result are your own doing. That may hurt to realize, but it's true -- you are now and always the master of your own destiny. If you think things seem dull between you and your sweetie, it's up to you to liven them up. Don't let yourself get too cynical about love during this period; that won't help anything at all. And try to keep your energy up, because you could feel very run-down, even depressed. Things will get better in a week or two.

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