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Mars square Pluto

Like Two Wrestlers

Kelli Fox

Your relationship could become a battleground during the next couple of weeks. The sweet, romantic refuge that you've come to know will suddenly morph into a battle of egos, with both of you doing anything and everything you can to best the other. It's times like these when you need a relationship referee -- someone to blow the whistle and split the two of you up to cool off -- because like wrestlers in the ring, when you get locked in a struggle, neither one of you is going to back down without a fight.

But there is no referee; you're on your own, and it's up to you to get through this period with your loving bond intact. And it's easier than you think: Just chill out! Every time you start getting your back up over something, stop yourself and think, 'Is this worth it? Is this really something I want to spend time and energy on arguing down into the ground?' Hmm, that might not work very well after all, because your answers to those questions will probably be an emphatic 'yes.' Well, then, your only choice now might be to spend some time apart, and get a lot of exercise in the meantime. In a week or two, you can get together again with smiles on your faces and egos in check.

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