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Mars square Neptune

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Kelli Fox

When you get together during this period, you'll both feel a bit glum, as if all your goals as a couple suddenly seem remote, abstract, unreachable, and maybe even a bit ridiculous. One of you might make a suggestion, but the other will shoot it down. 'No, it's not possible.' Or just, 'I don't feel like it.' In fact, 'I don't feel like it' will be your collective refrain during these few weeks, so fun, romantic dates may be out of the question for the moment.

You could both start feeling resentful toward the other; 'What a wet blanket,' you might think, not realizing that you're being a bit of a stick-in-the-mud yourself. With your low energy levels, you're a lot more likely to end up on the couch in front of the TV than out someplace fun and noisy, living it up. But that's not so bad, is it? A few lame 'dates' spent watching movies or reruns could be kind of fun. The key is to lower your expectations in order to match the mood of the moment. When you do make a plan together, don't expect it to move forward effortlessly. You're a lot more likely to take two steps forward and one back, unless you decide to do things on your own for now -- which may be your best bet after all.

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