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Mars square Mercury

Making Mountains Out of Molehills

Kelli Fox

Any issues that come up during this period will seem like major, full-blown problems needing your immediate and dramatic attention. It's safe to say that, when you two are together now, you'll collectively lack a sense of perspective. What would normally be a simple interaction about, say, which movie to go see or whose turn it is to take the trash out will turn into a major battle, one in which each of you is using whatever weapons you have in your verbal arsenal -- sarcasm, criticism, derision, downright rudeness -- to get beneath the other's armor.

You'll both say things now that you'll regret later, things that just flew out of your mouth in the moment when you were trying to say something, anything, to put your sweetie in their place. If you can both watch your mouths, this period will be much smoother; but there's still a high chance of making bad decisions in haste or otherwise being a little too aggressive in your thinking. Exercise can help with managing this troublesome energy; when you two get together, do something active that uses your bodies even more than your minds. And do try to keep those snarky comments in check!

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