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Mars square Mars

Calm Down

Kelli Fox

You both need to calm down and keep it together during this period, because tensions are running high. You're much more likely now than usual to get upset with each other and end up lashing out or saying things you don't mean. You've both got a pretty good idea of what it is that you want or need, but your way of going about getting your needs met is too aggressive to work out well.

Instead of keeping calm and trying to communicate effectively about whatever's on your mind, you'll push and shove and use any means necessary, including tactics like manipulation, sarcasm and criticism, to get your way. Of course, behaving in such a childish and pushy way is only getting you further away from your goals, not closer. But you'll push forward anyway, starting arguments and behaving in ways you'll later regret. Your best bet might be just to spend as little time together as possible during this period, because you'll just get on each other's nerves if you try to spend quality time together. Your sexual energy and appetites will probably spike at this time, but you may be too upset with each other to get any quality sensual time behind closed doors.

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